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Rules of the Game


Rules are made to be broken.

There are certain things in life that was people progress ideas change, opinions are formed, and images are created. What do all of the afore mentioned variables have in common? All the variables combine create a foundation for which rules are formed.

Scott’s, The New Rules of Marketing and PR gave delightful insight on just how the rules of the game have transformed into a more modern and casual tactic.

Scott states that “psychologists have shown that people learn better with different media (216).” In other words, not everyone learns the same, so why should everyone have to shop the same way? Marketing is all about hitting a special target audience to guarantee that the public wants to buy your goods or services. Shifting strategies allows for a larger audience to be targeted.

I completely agree with the fact that people need a variety. The same commercials, posters, and radio campaigns get old quickly and bore many audiences. with the use of social media, video and audio ads, and new applications, marketing allows for a more exciting experience for the audience.

However, Scott also states that “you are what you publish (61).” This statement I find to be very false. I know multiple coworkers who appear to be one way on social media and turn around and act a completely different way in reality. What determines who actually are? Does the fact that you seem straight lace online mean that you cannot go out and have a few drinks after 5p.m. and let loose?

What you publish does influence what people may think of your overall image, but I fully disagree with the idea that what society deems you to be, you actually are.

I work in a restaurant in which many girls post pictures in their work uniform trying to get people to come in and visit. This is a great marketing strategy according to Scott’s “rule book.” However, if a girl takes a million selfies of her in her uniform, does society see her as a hard worker or just another young girl who spends too much time on social media? The question boils down to: who and what truly defines who people are?

Of the entire book, Chapter 6 struck my attention the most. The idea of social media, though seems to be a new way of life for an older generation, feels completely normal to people my age. I grew up with social media, and know most ins and outs of the systems. However, the increase in use of audio and video clips is a whole new field to me.

This chapter opened my eyes to different ways to target an audience. “Videos use emotion to tell stories in ways that most marketing cannot (96).” This statement, for whatever reason really stuck with me. It seems like such an obvious fact, but really does play a strong role in today’s marketing and PR world.

The old marketing world consisted of paper ads, flyers, and build boards to get a company or organization’s goal across. Looking back, what did this really accomplish? Publicity?

Now, people put their life stories on social media promoting a specific good. Often times, celebrities will even let an audience into their privacy and explain a struggle in their lives in a commercial for an organization.

The strength of opinion leaders in society heightens when videos give full emotion to the audience. Due to this strength, a wider range audience is more available.

All in all, Scott’s book was extremely useful. It gave a different perspective to what the old generation considered marketing and PR to be and then what is has become today. Younger generations seem to take advantage of this new PR field, and should see all that it can actually do for their future. I do recommend it for anyone who is trying to build an audience using social media. Scott’s checklists for success are all throughout the book and most chapters provide real life experiences in which have been successful.

Today’s world makes marketing easier. As the times change and the demand for information builds, people want reliable and quick access to the goods. Old school marketing techniques made it hard to reach multiple audiences.

Scott’s book gave good insight on just exactly how to get your organization or company moving to be successful. Without these guidelines or check lists provided, I know I would be lost. Honestly, this book has held me to a higher standard in social media and has challenged me to really utilize technology in a professional manner to do great things.

This challenge I know will help me in the future, and I highly recommend it to any who has not read it.  It has seriously made a difference in how I look at websites and social media accounts, and I think it can change other people’s opinions as well. Check it out!


Fight Night vs. Flower Power

“Why can’t we all get along.” Everyone has heard this quote. Why does no one abide by it? What causes us as human beings to want to to create enemies, engage in rude behavior, and participate in violent acts? Do people realize that it looks awful upon their character? Many questions arise when I begin thinking about violence.

This being said, we’ve all been in fights, whether it be verbal or physical. I do however believe that there is a time and place for disagreements. I do not condone fights in private or in public. I just think that public fights look ridiculous.

Last night at work, a lady had walked in, threw her drink on another woman sitting at the bar, and the two began to fight. Hair was pulled, harsh punches were thrown, and names were called. As the two fought, they did not realize that they were slowly creeping me into a corner in which they furthered their fight on top of me while I was literally between a rock and a hard place. These women were completely unaware of their surrounding and did not mind taking anyone out in their process.

Luckily, there was a cop on duty and the fight was handled accordingly. The fight appeared to be revolving around another man and one of the girls’ child.

Regardless of the issue, is it ever appropriate to start a huge brawl in the middle of a restaurant? People were literally recording the fight, making fun of the situation, and laughing at these people to their faces. It had to be an embarrassing act on both of their parts.

So I want to take you back to the beginning of the blog. Why can’t we all just get along? Why does today’s world have to be so aggressive and malicious. The argument could have been handled in a completely different manner.

I beg of y’all, please mind your manners and talk things out with those you do not see eye to eye with. No situation is ever worth the embarrassment and loss of pride. We as people need to come together and teach the younger generation that we can love one another and act proper to accomplish a problem.

Pride is a vicious thing, but fighting is even more so. Cut out the violence and the harm, and begin seeing situations in a different light and loving one another.

It Is All About the Small Things



In life, I have noticed that people like to complain about things that are seemingly little. This depreciates the big things that some seem to take for granted.

A man last night complained that his crab legs were not properly tossed in the wing sauce he wanted. He yelled, hollered, and then proceeded to call his server rude names. What is the purpose of this?

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not like when my food comes out wrong, but I would never make someone cry because of it.

Here recently, I have been having a breathing problem and a strong pain in my sternum. Breathing in and out and even coughing cause me to be in tears in a matter of milliseconds. I have gone to a doctor and am still waiting on results.

As I wait, my anxiety increases, and my sleep decreases. All I think about is the pain in my chest every time I take in a breathe or move my upper body. I would never even wish this pain on my worst enemy.

Even if it may be something simple, and I pray that it is not something serious–I want people to start realizing that we are taking certain things for granted. Breathing is something that each and everyone of us do constantly. Imagine if you could not do that anymore. Imagine if it was a struggle to do a simple task.

Life is rough sometimes, and we are supposed to be living to fullest, and need to stop worrying about things that they’ll forget about tomorrow. Too many small things can upset you in a day, and it does not have to be this way.

So I beg of you, please appreciate all the good surrounding you, regardless of size.

Opening Day of Baseball!


It’s here! Opening Day! Time to celebrate today with a blog!

Baseball season opening up means that it is time for summer, bbqs, and good old fashion baseball games in the park late at night. The idea that some is right around the corner and it is time to enjoy being outside again is enough to make anyone happy!

Being part of the biggest baseball town- Cardinal Nation, St. Louis’s baseball season is a little bit different. Baseball in St. Louis means a time to catch up with old friends, take your dad to that game he said he’s wanted to see for the past few years, and of course, money in the pocket of anyone downtown.

For those who do not know, St. Louis is one of the most boring places to be in the winter. It is cold, gray, and full of people in bad moods. Baseball brings hope to most industry workers downtown that people do still care about the city.

Restaurants downtown go from slow Friday nights slinging beers, to crazy three hour waits at the door on Monday nights. Servers are greeted with smiles and laughter as Cardinal fans drown out all of the negativity in the air and raise the spirits of those surround them.

This theory may seem crazy- but ask anyone who has worked in St. Louis during the “off-season.” The crowds are completely different and we sit around hoping and dreaming of the day baseball starts back up.

Finally, BASEBALL IS HERE! Starting next Monday, the Cardinals will play at our beloved Busch Stadium against the Reds, and the city will be painted red with Cardinal pride.

Keep calm y’all, summer is almost here!

Successes of PR in Social Media


Often times, when I tell people that I am working on a project for a public relations course, I tend to get really weird looks. These scary faces are determined by which social media app I am using.

These looks change depending on who I am talking too. Older folks tend to believe I am lying about my project, or just flat out do not understand what I am doing. Younger people tend to think I am making excuses or avoiding my topic at hand.

Regardless of the matter, some people just do not understand how powerful social media truly is. In the article “Is Social Media a Waste of Time,” the author, Robert Wynne brings up some very good points.

It is hard to top face to face interviews. And it is extremely hard to create a pitch to the media that will awe everyone. However, what the author lacked in mentioning, is that social media makes these arrangements way easier. Karen Goff’s article discussing the positives of social media will be discussed in the later of the blog.

In the beginning of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” by David Scott, he discusses the new versus the old ways of marketing. Right away he addresses the fact that times are changing, but in a good way.

Stating that companies needed to put more personality in their ads (Scott p 13), and less money on the information provided in emails that go directly to the spam box to thousands of individual’s mail boxes (p 15).

One major topic brought up was using the internet to find jobs. Traditionally, you had to search countless newspapers, put together the best resumes, and present yourself in a professional manner for an hour long interview. Social Media pushes people to be professional at all times and allow people to find the right job for them quicker and with less stress.

Wynne mentions later in his article that big time hot shots like the Steelers or Pepsi, can expect lots of hits on anything that goes viral on social media. However, he turns right around to mention that this is not as strong as hardline big news media outlets.

I could be wrong, but last time I checked, more and more people are using social media and media relations as an outlet to get more knowledge before they pick up a newspaper. I honestly probably have not picked up a newspaper since I was in the fourth grade doing an assignment. This does not mean I do not keep up on the news. It just means I find easier ways to access information on the world than having to find a newsstand that offers the least bias compilation of materials.

Karen Goff, a writer for the Washington Times researched social media and the benefits that came along with.  Her findings tended to be a little different than those of Wynne.

After reviewing over 5,000 hours, Goff concluded that “the digital world is creating new opportunities for young people to grapple with social norms, explore interests, develop technical skills and work on new forms of self express (Goff). She later goes on to address the lack of isolation in individuals for those who seemed to be outcasted before (Goff).

Goff’s studies shows that there is a need for social media as it makes our professionals grow in a world in which they can learn to better themselves. As business professionals improve their skills and their strengths, companies can harvest this knowledge and grow their own business as well.

Nicole Weigand writes about the advantages and disadvantages of using social media in marketing in her articles for the Global Post. She points out that businesses can use social media as a cheap platform for targeting new audiences in a more visible manner (Weigand).

Later in her article, she points out that companies should be prepared with a proper strategy to give feedback or react to anything negatives that may come up (Weigand). In other words, preparation never hurts, and with multiple platforms for people to discuss and interact with each other, sometimes responses may not be the most ideal.

Without the people, there would be no companies. Therefore, if people are not capable of being all that they can be, then neither can a business.

In conclusion, people make companies, and without the relations between the two, neither can be successful. The public needs people who can interact in mass audiences efficiently and effectively so information is spread in a more accessible form. Without this social media world that so many of us are growing accustomed too, many businesses would end up bailing out.

The ultimate goal in life for most is to be successful. At whatever level this may be, the fact of the matter is that no one truly wants to fail. Social media allows individuals to grow and learn to improve not only themselves, but the social skills that are required to make public relations, marketing, and companies better.


Falsifying Trust

The world seems to revolve around certain concepts that are often times misused. These concepts include love, lust, and more importantly trust. In other words, I see people using these things in the most ridiculous manners.

I want to focus on trust in this blog. The purpose being that to me, it is crucial for all other instances.

Have you ever noticed that we trust only at times when we feel as though it works in our favor? When students walk into a classroom, they do not take their laptop with them if they need to use the restroom. However, if a person goes out to eat, they take their belongings with them to the bathroom if no one else is present at the table.

What is the difference? Between students and other patrons at the restaurant, is there really a difference in strangers? Where does this mutual trust come into place?

At my job, I see people taking their stuff with them if they are alone at a table. Ironically though, if they sit at the bar alone will leave their keys or purses to get up. My intent is not to point fingers, I too am guilty of a false trust, I just want to know why.

Trust is often used in relationships. This trust can be mutual between companies and the public, trust between friends, or even trust amongst co workers. This concept is used in times of need.

When individuals need something, they place trust in others to accomplish the task. In relationships, trust is built in secrets and sharing of information. Where is this in my other examples of trust?

To me, this trust concept is a sneaky and manipulative thing.


Defining the Word “Ratchet”


Now, let me begin by saying I am not one to pick fun of others or to call people names. However, after multiple incidents at work in the past weekend, I feel as though somethings need to be addressed.

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